CMS allows you to manage your website

Unitel Direct offer content management systems (CMS) which allow you to be in charge of the content your website shows. CMS enable people with minimal technical knowledge to upload and publish a range of content, e.g. text, graphics etc for distribution to others. Anything in an electronic format can be managed by a CMS.

The benefits of a content management system are many, and in fact so compelling that most online businesses are slowly starting to transfer to one. A CMS appeals to those with minimal technical knowledge as it is built to allow quick re-designs, fast page edits, fantastic graphics presentation and rapid new page elements.

Not only can text and graphics be added via a CMS but there is also the ability to change the colour scheme. CMS saves templates so the design of your website can be changed when and how you feel.

CMS Image

What does a CMS offer?

  1. Full content management system

  2. The ability to track keywords

  3. You can add text, images and other information.

  4. It's all self controlled.

  5. You have your own unique username and password.

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